Pricing + Specials


Highest quality flower for the best price in town! With over 3 different grow facilities here in Colorado, we are able to carry over 25 different strains to choose from! 



Daily SPecials

Munchie Monday

15% off all edibles, Spend $50 get 25% off edibles

Topical Tuesday

20% off topical's  

Terpy Thursday

20% off carts and pods

Fresh Baked Friday

Wear a FB shirt get 10% off total cart;

Buy a FB shirt get 15% off total cart

Shake Sundays

$56.75/$70 an Ounce


Fresh Baked Concentrate Flight specials

December 2018 Concentrate Flyer.jpg

Cannabis Flower

Top Shelf Flower

$113.50 $140 Ounce

$64.85 $80 Half Ounce

 $44.59 $55 Quarter

$28.37 $35 Eighth

$11.35 $14 Gram

Mix & Match Strains Encouraged!

(You can split up an Ounce into 4 Quarters


You can split up an Half Ounce into 4 Eighths


You can split up a Quarter into 2 Eighths)

Strain  of The Day:

(Changes daily: sign up for our Text Program, or give us a call to see what they are!) 

$89.18 $110 Ounce, $52.69 $65 Half Ounce




Wax or Shatter or Terp Sugar

$16.21 $20 a gram (Yes its all day...everyday) 

Live Resin/ Sauce

Prices range from:($28.37 $25-$34.50 $45) a gram

THC Crystalline

$38.33 $50 a gram  

Live Rosin/ Ice Water Hash

Prices range from: ($56.75 $70- $61.33 $80) a gram