• Max Heidt

Green Dot Cartridges — Chem Brûlée

Updated: May 15, 2019

The Spotlight

For our first bi-monthly review of products within Boulder’s cannabis industry, we will be focusing on a cartridge from local Green Dot Labs.

Green Dot was established in Boulder in 2014 by Alana and Dave Malone, and has been a producer of premier live resin in Boulder county for the four years since.

Green Dot has perfected a unique approach to their cartridges.

- Other companies combine terpenes and distillate to create a fusion that vaporizes smoothly and efficiently. Terpenes are a chemical component of cannabis that provides each strain’s unique flavor profile as well as its affects. Distillate is a concentrated THC product that provides potency to the cartridge. By combining distillate and terpenes in a distinct ratio, most cartridge producers are able to produce a product that is high-potency and tastes like the strain it was derived from. But Green Dot is different.

- Green Dot Labs has made their name producing top-quality Live Resin to dab. Vaporizing this resin directly from a cartridge has been—until recently—a fantasy, due to the thickness of the resin.

- Green Dot has innovated a method of “curing” their top-tier dabs into a viscosity that can be transferred directly into a cartridge, and vaporized from it.

- While many companies claim to produce Live Resin cartridges, this method makes Green Dot cartridges uniquely honest in that representation.

The Review

The strain we are vaporizing today is Chem Brûlée (Copper Chem x Lemon Brûlée), cultivated and processed by Green Dot. On the lowest heat setting on the Green Dot battery, the cartridge produces a delicious draw that leaves my tongue covered in juicy flavor for minutes on end. However, the amount of vapor produced on that lowest setting leaves something to be desired. I kick the voltage up to the middle setting and inhale again. This time a more full-bodied draw enters my lungs, and I can feel the psychoactive effects beginning to nestle into the creases of my consciousness.

Filling my mouth is a juicy yet complex lemon sweetness, with notes of gasoline and caramel. This is distinct from the candylike Lemon G genetic that is so popular in the Front Range these days, with its saccharine sweetness that some of us in the community have begun to tire of. It is more reminiscent of the Lemon G13 genetic that was prevalent in 2013 and ’14, an era before the term “Live Resin” had yet been coined. The act of drawing this flavor from a cartridge mimics the feeling of sipping a sweet nectar out of a straw.

I do notice, however, that thumbing my battery’s button on and off as I inhale gives me a smoother and better tasting draw, whereas pressing the button the whole time effects the flavor. The cartridge appears to be so similar to Live Resin that it is possible to “vape too hot” and incinerate some of the terpenes. The content itself, being so volatile and high in terpenes, vaporizes faster than a lot of other 500mg cartridges on the market.

The complexity of the Chem Brûlée terpene profile also lends itself to the intricacies of the effect. While the tang from the Death by Lemons side of the Lemon Brûlée is very lemon-forward, the OG Kush from that genetic combines with the chemmy bite of the Copper Chem. This produces a light but vibrant kick of sativa brightness, beautifully balanced by the body-calming effects of the OG and chem combination. This effect is perfect for mentally engaging activities around the house. Unlike most strains that are this citrusy, I wouldn’t recommend using it to stimulate your physical activity unless you are a consumer that enjoys indicas at most hours of the day.

The Findings

Green Dot’s cartridge product comes as close as possible to consuming premium Live Resin out of a device that fits in your pocket.

- Green Dot’s reputation as a connoisseur Live Resin brand translates directly to the quality of their cartridges, in a way that brings cartridges and Live Resin together as they have not been combined before.

- As a cartridge consumer, I would warn that these cartridges will vaporize faster than your average cartridge on the market, given that the high quality content that they command is comprised of a more volatile material than that of the average cartridge.

- As a daily Live Resin consumer, these cartridges are an extremely useful, enjoyable, and effective tool for those who truly want to “dab on the go.” Terpheads will be very satisfied with this product.

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