• Max Heidt

Improvements in the Pursuit of Excellence

At Fresh Baked, we commit a lot of our time and energy to the pursuit of quality. At every juncture in the process of supplying cannabis to our guests, we take steps to make sure that we meet the demands of a highly discerning community. This pursuit is an ever-evolving landscape in an always-developing industry. We have always been active in our involvement with quality control, and we continue to do so in order to maintain our standing as Boulder’s favorite premier cannabis dispensary. Here are some steps that we are taking to continue that pursuit of excellence.

Our garden has always boasted state-of-the-art cultivation facilities. With recent renovations and some small but critical improvements to cultivation and curing processes, our gardeners have been able to produce some tangible improvements in cannabis quality. Potencies have increased in several strains by a significant fraction, with the example of Redheaded Stranger increasing from a lower-testing 16% up to 24%. Terpene profiles have developed, each strain refined to its own unique characteristics of smell and effect. Overall quality improvement in our cannabis is evident in our grow and has made its way to our store shelves.

In addition to working to craft the best possible present, the gardeners in our cultivation center work hard for the future of our store as well. In the past year, they have attended cannabis conferences and functions throughout the nation, in search of the next generation of connoisseur genetics. After spending some time developing in our garden with our newly refined cultivation techniques, these genetics are nearly ready to premiere on the big stage. In the next couple of weeks, they will hit the shelf for our guests to enjoy.

With the changes and improvements that our facilities are undergoing, it’s up to us to evaluate our quality and assess the value that such a high tier of craftsmanship demands. For this reason, as we introduce improved cannabis and new genetics to our store, we also will be introducing a very modest increase in our bulk flower pricing. Strain of the Day ounces will now be priced at $120, and Top Shelf ounces will now be $145, a price increase of just $5 each. We hope that you, our loyal friends and guests, understand the necessity of this increase and the need to place an appropriate value on our efforts. We deeply appreciate your patronage, and we are always looking forward to seeing you in our shop to give you the experience that you deserve. Thank you!


Fresh Baked Management

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