• Max Heidt

More Government Propagan…Duh?

Updated: May 1, 2019

Since the early days of scapegoating parts of mother nature, cannabis has been a main cog in disrupting the status quo. As far as the United States military is concerned, cannabis has always been an instrument in which it has fueled their battles at home and abroad.

Most recently, the United States Marine Corps (USMC) issued a pubic safety advisory concerning, “E-Cigarettes, Vaporizers, and Other Electronic Smoking Devices,” documenting many questionable effects from “vaping”. Throughout the advisory, they claim a vape oil trend could possibly be a, “detrimental impact to the health and readiness of the force.”

Their claims of possible side effects from vaping come without any substantial evidence connecting these instances with cannabidiol (CBD), even though they use CBD as a possible culprit from interpreting the advisory. Some effects noted, like seizures, unconsciousness, vomiting, and nausea, also contain zero information connection these effects with cannabidiol.

Is this another attempt at pushing cannabis back into the deceptive culture of our military for its potential health benefits, or are the USMC really trying to alert their constituents about its potential dangers? As we can see with the legalization of both medical and recreational cannabis around the United States, time, as well as the will of the people, will surely be the conclusion to where this propaganda ends.

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