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REBEL EDIBLES | Boulder, Colorado

Rebel Edibles are the newest local company to join Fresh Baked’s formidable edible entourage. Founded in 2017, Rebel now offers a variety of marijuana confections for a multitude of cannabis needs and desires. At Fresh Baked, we are excited to offer four of these delicious options to our customers every day.

Rebel’s focus is their caramel products, which are the pride and focus of their culinary expertise. Each caramel variation originates from Rebel’s original salted caramel recipe, and each has its own flavor profile and nuances of effect.

The original salted caramel recipe can be experienced with their 20:1 infusion. Crafted with organic cane sugar and a hint of salt, Rebel 20:1s contains a full 20mg of CBD and 1mg of THC (as opposed to the industry-standard dose of 10mg CBD and 0.5mg THC). These bite-sized confections have twice the number of cannabinoids as their competitors, while still delivering a full serving of delectable flavor. For our crowd that is seeking the medicinal relief of cannabis without the psychoactive nature of THC, these caramels are a favorite.

For our average edible consumer, who wishes to experience the psychoactive nature of cannabis, a familiar take on the original recipe is available. Fresh Baked’s 10mg per serving to offer from Rebel is the Vanilla Bean salted caramel. A new twist on the original formula, this caramel is every bit as tasty as the original salted caramel. Boasting 100mg per package, this is our option for edible THC consumers.

Our last caramel offering boasts the smooth delectability of couverture Belgian chocolate in addition to the original caramel formula. Rebel’s chocolate caramels are the perfect fusion of the worlds of caramel and chocolate. Also ringing in at 10 10mg doses per package (100mg total), these are a different yet delicious divergence from Rebel’s traditional caramel.

Last but not least, Rebel brings another dimension of flavor to our shelf with their Blasts assorted Fruit Chews. A departure from Rebel’s caramel tradition, these fruit chews feature three flavors: Orange, Cherry, and Strawberry Lemonade.

With this full offering of different palates and effects, make Rebel a part of your edible rotation today! Each of the above options is featured at Fresh Baked daily.

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At a price more affordable than most 500mg CBD tinctures, come and grab some today because they’re flying off the shelves!

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