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Spotlight on DabLogic: Solventless Cartridges

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

The Spotlight

DabLogic is a branch of Verde Natural, a cannabis company that resides in Denver, CO. Verde is uniquely classical in the way that they structure their approach to cannabis production. While many industrial cannabis grows rely upon hydroponic methods and nutrient feeding systems in an effort to efficiently produce the greatest quantity possible, Verde’s flower is grown entirely in soil. Their refined, more “home-grown” style of cultivation means that the soil that their plants grown in is “living” soil, which many connoisseur-level enthusiasts in the cannabis community consider to be the highest quality cultivation medium.

“Living” soil means that microbes are alive within the earth that their cannabis is grown in, creating a symbiotic environment between the plants and the natural ingredients that they are being fed. Verde nurtures their plants with natural food such as worm castings and kelp meal. This produces a cleaner flower, with an improved flavor unadulterated by chemical additives. After a curing process tailored specifically to each strain’s needs (rather than a homogenized method where every strain is cured for the same amount of time), the flower is ready to be processed. That’s where DabLogic comes in.

Solventless extraction is yet another method that is considered the highest tier of quality when it comes to cannabis consumption. Solventless extraction is a method of producing concentrate from cannabis without using the harsh chemicals that are usually associated with the process (generally butane or propane). Solventless concentrate can be extracted from cannabis using changes in temperature and pressure. Ice water hash, the most classical method of solventless extraction, is a process that uses ice and screen bags of specific micron widths to separate cannabis trichome heads from the plant material. This seemingly simple process is now so scientifically advanced that the trichome heads can be completely isolated with extreme precision. This isolated product is what is known as ice water hash, and is rich in potency (in the form of THCa) and terpenes.

Ice water hash is a connoisseur’s product in itself, wonderful for smoking or vaporizing. But it is not a product that translates well to being vaporized from a cartridge. From here, even more solventless methods are required to achieve the final product that DabLogic touts. The hash is packed into additional process-specific bags, and then crushed between two heated plates powered by hydraulic pressure. The oil that gushes forth when the trichome heads are smashed is called rosin.

From here, the rosin is processed using proprietary industry technology whose exact methods are undisclosed, and vary from laboratory to laboratory. In broad terms, the rosin is processed using more heat and pressure to improve its viscosity. Once the product is viscous enough to be filled into cartridges, technicians at DabLogic load the product into half gram cartridges. The C cell units that the product is filled into are designed to prevent overheating. This preserves the terpenes to ensure flavor retention. With this product, DabLogic was and is the first cannabis company to produce a cartridge that is entirely solventless.

The Review

I purchased a DabLogic cartridge for the express purpose of elevating myself while attending a music event in Denver (cannabis-friendly, of course). Being A) a daily dabber, B) a consumer of concentrates produced both with and without solvents, and C) a cartridge consumer, I wanted to experience the product firsthand and compare it both with my previous solventless experience and with my prior experience with vaporizing cartridges.

My initial inhale satisfied my questions on both ends. The genetic in the cartridge was ’91 Bananas, a cross of Strawnana Sherbert and Triangle Kush. With a short press of the button, the high-terpene vapor cascaded over my tongue. I exhaled through my nose, and tasted the bananas and fruit from the Strawnana Sherbert, backed heavily by funk from the Triangle Kush.

With my battery set to its lowest possible heat setting, and thumbing it on and off as inhaled, I was able to hit the cartridge many times throughout my six hours at this music event, sharing with friends as well. Generally a person who can do crowds but doesn't particularly care for them, the high from this hash oil melted away my concerns about heat and space entirely. Not caring to be conservative with my draws, I took solid hits and enjoyed the cartridge and the high for hours. When I left the event I checked out the cartridge's reservoir, expecting to see a heavily depleted cartridge based on my use. To my pleasant surprise, I still had over half of the cartridge left.

By pairing solventless extraction with soil-grown cannabis, DabLogic is able to produce a cartridge whose oil is deliciously true in profile to the plant that it came from, while retaining the integrity of the quality with which it was treated throughout its entire life from seed to cartridge. By never introducing adulterants or shortcutting with harsh chemicals, DabLogic really does produce what I consider to be the highest-quality cartridge that I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing, and its longevity is the cherry on top.

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