• Max Heidt

Spotlight on Stillwater Brands: Edibles and What Makes Ripple Powder Unique

Updated: May 16, 2019

Stillwater Brands is a cannabis production company founded in Commerce City, Colorado. Locally established and now available across the state, Stillwater’s unique approach to the cannabis industry revolves around their one-of-a-kind cannabis product: Ripple water-soluble THC powder. The powder is odorless and tasteless, and infused with 10mg of cannabinoids per packet.

Some quick facts about eating cannabis products!

Cannabis in its raw form, and in most derived forms, is fat soluble. This means that your body can process certain cannabinoids when they are ingested alongside fats in your diet. The best-known cannabinoids are THC and CBD, although there are 8 major cannabinoids present in cannabis.

Raw cannabis or hash has to be decarboxylated (or “decarbed”) in order to achieve psychoactive effects, because human cannabinoid receptors do not synthesize THCa in a psychoactive manner. Heat is required to decarb the raw cannabis or hash and “activate” the THC (or convert THCa to THC). However--

You don’t just want to eat decarbed cannabis. It would get you high, but it would taste terrible and consuming that much plant matter would likely make you sick to your stomach.

This is why cooking with cannabis is such a science; the chef must derive and activate the desired cannabinoids from their hash or cannabis, while also infusing this activated product with an ingredient that can ultimately be cooked into the desired dish.

This multi-tiered process is often completed in an oven or by double-boiling on a stovetop, and since the cannabinoids are fat-soluble, the final product is usually infused butter or coconut oil that can then be cooked with. This presents a final challenge: THC degrades completely at 392 degrees Fahrenheit, so the chef preparing the dish will want its internal temperature to be well below that.

This is where Stilwater Brands and their Ripple powder product break away from the rest of the edible world.

Ripple powder is already infused, already activated, and *drumroll please* water-soluble. This means that the ready-to-roll powder can be combined with any food or beverage to instantly infuse it. As long as any part of the food or drink at hand is viscous enough to absorb the powder, the item immediately becomes an edible.

Without any sticky oil or harsh cannabis flavor, and shedding temperature limitations, this infusion method revolutionizes the culinary aspect of cannabis. Infusions can now occur at the highest level of culinary excellence and creativity. Using the Ripple powder infusion method, chefs may craft infused dishes to their exact gastronomic specifications without the obstacles that previous cannabis infusions can present.

Sauces, glazes, dips, spreads or cocktails are now all potential vehicles for cannabis consumption unadulterated by cannabis flavor. Foods whose preparation methods exceed the degradation temperature of THC and other cannabinoids (like flash frying or broasting) can now be infused as well, without losing potency.

Ripple powder opens the door to creating previously unexplored and unachievable edible infusions. Cannabis-enthused chefs can rejoice at this new opportunity to combine two worlds and two passions seamlessly.

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