• Max Heidt

Consistent. Potent. Delicious.

The Pomegranate Blueberry Açaí gummies are the newest in a formidable arsenal of gummy

varieties from the iconic local marijuana edible brand Wana. These gummies are a

double-edged sword of cannabis confection, bringing to the table in one gummy what most

brands only offer in multiple, distinct products—a full dose of psychoactive THC as well as a full, medicinal dose of CBD.

All gummies on the market cap out at the legal threshold of 10mg. This dose is more or less

standardized and will be the universal beginning threshold for first-time consumers in Colorado.

However, there is not a limitation on CBD in edibles in Colorado, and manufacturers are

permitted, if they wish, to load their products with as much of the non-psychoactive cannabinoid

as their hearts desire.

Many cannabis edible manufacturers produce a CBD product for dispensaries that is entirely

non-psychoactive, containing just the legal minimum threshold of THC potency for them to be carried in dispensary storefronts (fractions of a milligram of THC). That leaves an edible that is about 20:1 ratio, but which only boasts 10mg of CBD and less than 1mg of THC. While a 20:1 ratio is a good, medicinal ratio, 10mg of cannabinoids does not always fulfill the average consumer’s threshold for the relief they are seeking.

Another common ratio of THC to CBD are 1:1 ratio edibles, which due to limitations on THC only ever cap out at 10mg:10mg. Again, while a 1:1 ratio is highly recommended for its medicinal properties, this only totals 20mg of total cannabinoids.

What Wana is offering in its newest product is a 5:1 ratio of CBD to THC. But instead of

skimping on the cannabinoids (which is what we all came here for, right?), they load each

gummy with a full legal dose of THC (10mg) and a full medicinal dose of 50mg CBD. Ten

gummies come in this package, for a total of 100mg THC and 500mg CBD.

This combination is as effective as the flavor is tasty, and is our highest recommendation for

real, effective CBD intake.

At a price more affordable than most 500mg CBD tinctures, come and grab some today because they’re flying off the shelves!

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