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For over 10 years we have been supplying the state of Colorado the highest quality flower. Cultivated with the upmost passion we care for our plants from seed to sale. 


We offer over 20 different strains including award winning strains such as Jack Flash. Check out our current strain selection by clicking the button below. 

Over 25 strains

Award winning strains

Never Prepackaged

Best prices in town


We live up to our name... Fresh Baked Dispensary carries the largest and most diverse selection of Edibles in Boulder, Colorado!


Our Brands:

Vaping is the ultimate way to take your smoke on the go!

Vape cartridges are pre loaded with concentrated cannabis oil and are heated up without combustion (not using fire).

We offer the highest quality vape cartridges in Boulder,Colorado!


 5/10 Thread

(Standard Screw on)

Pax Era 

Pyramid Pens



"Dabbing" is a form of vaporization in which cannabis concentrates are dropped on a heated element, creating vapor that is then inhaled through a smoking apparatus such as a Bubbler, Bong/Rig and our favorite device the PUFF CO PEAK (Pictured to the left).

Concentrates have the additional benefit of being less odorous than raw cannabis when being stored and tend to be more flavorful and potent. We carry the largest and most diverse selection of high quality concentrates in Boulder, Colorado! 

We carry:

Our brands:



CBD is a common term tossed around but what is it? 

CBD is the non psychoactive cannabinoid in the cannabis plant that helps mitigate pain and aches, anxiety, inflammation and help with many more common illnesses. Everything we carry in our store does have THC in it but... it doesn't mean it gets you high. We carry the largest selection of CBD products in Boulder, Colorado!

We carry:

Our brands:



Pre-rolled flower is the name of the game here in Boulder.

We individually roll our joints with the highest quality premium flower from our grow. Our joints are for people looking to enjoy cannabis but either don't have the time or place to roll it themselves.

Looking for something a little more potent?

We partnered with The Flower Collective to provide you with Joints and Blunts that are rolled with premium hash. Hash is an old school concentrate made organically from the process of heat, water and pressure. If you are looking for pre rolled joints or blunts in Boulder, look no further! 

See why we are one of Boulder's Highest Rated Dispensaries...

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