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We are a crew of fun-loving growers and extractors skilled at cultivating the finest flower and producing luscious hash. We are artistic, silly and industrious people that revel in our craft and delight in the process of working together to create something spectacular. We synthesize the full-spectrum of resin and flowers at 10,000 feet, using the sun’s rays, supplemental lights, and sophisticated climate controls in the state-of-the-art greenhouse-warehouse we designed and built ourselves. We truly believe our transcendent and stunning cannabis flowers and hash stimulate the creative spirit, strengthen social connectedness, and remind us all to take life a little less seriously… and we can’t wait to share them with you!

We press our Premium Live Rosin using 90 micron and larger live heads from our Crystal Water Hash. We use the biggest trichome heads for this grade of rosin because they contain the most terpenes, which are beautifully captured in the resulting hash. We carefully select our pressing temperatures to create an exceptional extract that is light in color, loaded with flavor, and has a consistency that is unparalleled in the live rosin category.

Premium Rosin

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To make our Live Rosin Lava, we press 45 to 90 micron heads from our Crystal Water Hash, and proceed with the process described above. Although these smaller heads contain fewer terpenes than those used to make our Premium Lava, they are still terpene-rich, producing a delicious lava with great color and the same gooey crystallized texture.

Premium Lava

We hand-wash our in-house flowers with filtered water, ice and crystals to create our full melt / 6 star / live heads from 90 to 120 micron heads. These have have been chosen as the cleanest heads with the most terpenes and the fewest impurities. We carefully hand-trim all our fresh-frozen material, and dry our Crystal Water Hash just enough to retain quality without sacrificing terpenes.

Crystal Water Hash

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