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SUMMIT Live Sauce is unlike almost every other vape product on the market. ​Think of our Live Sauce as the essence of the strain in a liquid form – it’s everything you want from the plant, much like a concentrate – it’s the cannabinoids and terpenes. Imagine “wringing” the sauce out of live resin and putting it into a vape pen.​ SUMMIT Live Sauce is 100% full-spectrum with native terpenes, meaning we never removed the terpenes to begin with.

Wax products will be buttery and smooth like candle wax or creamy peanut butter. Sugar Wax products are like wax, but will also have small crystals of THCa that add a grittiness or clumpy texture to the product.

Sugar Wax

Our Products


Known for its translucent appearance and brittle consistency, shatter is a very potent extract that is generally very low in plant wax content (when compared to wax or live resin).​ Shatter is easy to handle with tweezers​.


The top of the line for concentrate connoisseurs is live resin. It comes from whole cannabis flowers, frozen at the peak of ripeness, thus live resin tastes, smells, and feels just like the strain from which it comes. Live resin is a potent extract known for its saucy consistency. ​

Live Resin

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