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With the legalization of recreational marijuana, we were able to bring our products to a brand new audience, while continuing our stringent mission: To develop a line of wholesome cannabis-infused products that are flavorful, discreet, and ACCURATELY medicated using the cleanest extraction process possible.

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Lavender Lemonade 1:1

Strawberry Lemonade 10MG THC

Caramel Apple 1:1

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These tasty grown-up lollipops are in the old favorite flavor just like grandad used to make to sit on the front porch. Except grandad didn’t infuse his strawberry lemonade with super-pure and excellent THC.

Mac and Cheese. Romeo and Juliet. Lemon and lavender. Some things just go really well together. Lavender lemonade LickIts bring the soothing calmness of lavender and the bright sour of lemon right into your mouth.

What if you could take a lick of cool, crisp autumn any day of the year? And have a great time doing it? A really good time. Well, that’s why our flavor craftsmen made Caramel Apple LickIts. Cuz they could.

After your very first lick, you will discover that Canyon Lick ITs are the the ultimate in adult candy enjoyment. Especially if you love Boysenberry. And especially if you love the buzz of a well-crafted edible.

Some berries have weird names, but incredibly good flavors. For instance, what is a blue raspberry? Red Raspberries plus Blueberries, duh. Thc Sweet Life is made from such mysteries. Recreational: 40 pieces, 2.5mg THC & 2.5mg CBD ea.

It’s the pucker sucker. And a lot more. Sour Grape is one of our most popular flavors. The perfect combination of THC and grapey-grape flavor makes for the perfect dinner mint or morning eye-opener.

Sour Grape 10MG THC

Boysenberry 10MG THC

Fruit Punch 100MG THC :100MG CBD

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