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spired by a trip to Amsterdam and Antwerp, a chewing gum formulator and his cannabis-activist wife had an "ah ha" moment – Cannabis Chewing Gum! Thus began their ten year mission: create a quick, smooth delivery of cannabis while offering a fantastic chew. Our painstaking process of prototyping, refining, and perfecting JoyGum has produced a delightfully unique THC-infused product. It’s all-natural, it’s delicious, and it’s consistent. But most of all, it’s fun!

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Watermelon Spearmint 100mg THC

Lemon Mint 100mg THC

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An invigorating blend of real lemon, crisp mint flavors, and clean-extracted THC produce a delightfully refreshing cannabis experience.

Delicious, juicy watermelon and a blast of icy spearmint meet THC for a fun and fruity chew. Enjoy the vibrant tastes of summer year-round!

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