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If you’re reading this, you’ve likely heard talk of the benefits of cannabinoids such as CBD. But, you might be wondering how they can have such powerful effects across such a wide array of benefits. Just doesn’t seem credible, does it? That is, until you realize how many of our ailments begin with inflammation or oxidation. While our bodies create cannabinoids to fight inflammation and oxidation, our busy lives make it difficult to win that battle. SUM augments your cannabinoid production helping you restore wellness. And it does it through pure, discreet, and precise dosing in a manner that maximizes the uptake to your bloodstream.

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In small amounts, THC has vasodilation and excitatory effects, producing an invigorating feeling that motivates both mental and physical activity.

A precise combination of THC and CBD in equal ratio. The synergistic effects of this formulation drives a powerful and rewarding level of attention that helps you accomplish what's needed to get done.

A unique ratio of CBD and THC to ease the stresses of the daily life, allowing the psychologically soothing effects of THC to be moderated by the physiologically soothing effects of CBD.

Our highest CBD formulation. RELIEF helps restore balance to many aspects of life. Augmented with a small amount of THC, a full 15mg of CBD allows your body's own natural mechanisms to restore homeostasis.


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