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Fresh Baked Times

on Pearl street
Boulder, CO



Fresh Baked Dispensary

If you look at it a certain way, the converted house occupied by Fresh Baked was just meant to be a pot dispensary one day: Formerly a bead shop and yoga studio, the place has been dishing out chill vibes for years. That’s apparent the second you walk in: There’s a tabletop Pac-Man arcade game in the waiting room and psychedelic rock playing throughout the house. Once you make it to the converted kitchen/bud room, any one of several budtenders on duty will be happy to show you the shop’s twenty-­plus strains, including the award-­winning Jack Flash and Trainwreck. Fresh Baked also sends strain­-specific trim to local hash-­makers for bubble hash, wax and other concentrates. Just be sure to park in the back of the shop and not at the shopping complex next door — unless you want a boot on your car.